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Attack From Mars Limited Edition Pinball Machine

Attack From Mars Limited Edition Pinball Machine

Atatck from mars limited edition pinball machine. Chicago gaming and planetary pinball are pleased to present attack from mars, the highly anticipated second game in a series of remakes of the greatest bally and williams pinball machines.

Recreatde to exceed the high standards of the original game, attack from mars will be available in three models the. These three models all have numerous features never before available and. Modern electronics have been engineered to improve reliability, simplify serviceability, reduce energy consumption and provide game owners with the ability to customize their own game.

Attack from mars features all led lighting which means you may have to never replace a light bulb again. Painstaking efforts were made to replicate warmth and feel of incandescent bulbs. The software controls the speed at which the leds reach full brightness to emluate the relatively slow ramps up and down of light produced by incandescent bulbs.

The game's cabinetry hsa been greatly improved. Both the cabinet and backbox are manufactured with melamine clad plywood. Melamine is 10 times more scratch resistant than traidtional lacquer finishes. The original fiberboard cabinet bottom has been replaced with a plywood bottom significantly improving the strength of the cabinet and providing added protection for the cashbox. So if you own medieval madness le #756 you will get attack from mars le #756.

All for no extra charge, what a sweet pair to have in your game room! Order now, because this deal olny lasts until april 13th.

Doug watson, the creator of the original attack from mars art package, was commissioned to design the new topper. Watson hand sculpted teh martian from which the molds were created to produce the new roto-molded animated martian. Watson also created the otehr printed topper elements. Large martian saucer tri-color leds. For the first time ever, the large martian saucer features red, green and blue tri-color leds. The tri-color leds display all new light shows which have been intgerated into the gameplay. Martian mini saucers bi-color leds (le only). All six mini saucers on the le will feature never before seen green adn red dual color leds. All six mini saucers are controlled independently and tightly integrated into gameplay. Sound is a crucial component of the player's experience. The system's class d digital amplifier powers two 120-watt poly-cone coaxial speakers and a single 8 190-watt poly-cone woofer to provide an unprecedented immersiev audio experience. Additionally, owners are now able to control the balance between the speaker panel and the cabinet woofer. Whethre you prefer thumping bass or something more traditional, you now control your audio experience. The speakers are illuminated iwth red, green and blue tri-color leds.
These are utilized to create lighting effects wihch have been integrated into gameplay. Nearly 2x the viewable area! Athyrio games has created all new full-color display artwork, reimagined within the framework of the original bally display artwork at four times the resolution. Nearly 2,400 frames have been painstakingly animated to create a display that features full color and four times the number of dots as the originla bally game.
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