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Medieval Madness Standard Edition Pinball Machine Shaker Motor  Pinball Machines  Medieval Madness Standard Edition Pinball Machine Shaker Motor

Medieval Madness Standard Edition Pinball Machine Shaker Motor

Medieval Madness Standard Edition Pinball Machine Shaker Motor

Medieval madness standard edition pinball machine shaker motor medieval madness standard edition pinball machine with shaker motor due to the popularity of teh medieval madness limited edition released in 2014, a standard edition is being released in the 4th quarter of 2015. This game is being remade by planetary pinball, at the stern pinball factory in chicago.
The target prodcution date is currently oct-dec, 2015. Behold the renaissance of pinball, its ye lode medieval madness! Chicago gaming and planetary pinball are pleased to offer the rebirth, under license from williams electronics games, inc. Of the original smash hit pinball machine, emdieval madness. Recreated to the exacting standards of the original game this remake contains a number of enhanced features not availalbe on the original game, including modern electronics, fully adjustable color display, all led lighting, and class d digital audio amplifier.

Medieval madness is widely held to be one of the best pinball machines of all time. This status coupled with the fact only 4,000 of these agmes were built has driven the resale value of the original game beyond the reach of most pinball collectors. Whether you are a pinball nvoice or expert, you'll come to appreciate the game's universally appealing game play, which includes the exploding castle, motorized drawbridge and two pop-up trolls.

Yuor mission in this multi-ball game is to battle for the kingdom! Step back in time to the middle ages of the 15th century where kingdoms were fought and lost for. Soem of the features on the new game are. Double hard coat protects the play field while providing a deep gloss finish. eNw electronics provide original game play with modern reliability. Warm white led light provide the look of the original incandescent bulbs. The game will not utilize the williams logo. Welcome to gaem room guys! We are one of the nation's largest providers of home and commercial game room products.
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