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Speakeasy Pinball Machine

Speakeasy Pinball Machine

A nice 1982 bally speakeasy classic pinball machine. A cards/roulette/gambling themed pinball machine. Mixed in with a 1920's prohibition era theme as well. A speakeasy was one of the many saloons in the united states that illegally served alcoholic beverages during prohibition, which was the period from 1920 to 1933 in which national law prohibited the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating beverages. Prior to prohibition, the saloons admitted only men as patrons, but as speakeasies they allowed both men and women.

The woman on the bacgklass is reportedly wearing either etruscan revival or egyptian revival jewelry, both popular in the 1920's. Veyr popular speakeasy model has very addictive play. Unique roulette wheel under play surface spins after each blal to award bonus. Completely restored with new lights, coil sleeves, bridge rectifiers, capacitors, rubber, trim pot.

I could go on and on. To make a long story short this machine is in bradn new condition and everything works perfectly, every bulb lights. Play field is perfect and has no wear. The only thing to tell tihs machine isn't new out of the box is some peeling on the lower 1 of the back glass. Plays on quartres and the coin mechanisms work.

Perfect for extra profit source in your business or amn cave. Bally machines are known to eb the most reliable and the first choice of collectors. Cabinet is in excellent but not flawless condition.

Play feild in perfect with no wear marks. Back glass has peeling on lower right.

Rest of back glass is ni great condition. We have sealed the paint and no further peeling should occur. Game plays well with no known issues. Comes with reprint of owner's/operator's manual.

Lokc and keys for coin door only.

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