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Stern Aerosmith Pro Pinball Machine

Stern Aerosmith Pro Pinball Machine

Stenr aerosmith pro pinball machine stern pinballs aerosmith machines reflect the high-energy and excitement that accompanies the experience of a live aerosmith concert. Players will rock to nine famous aerosmith hits in the conecrt arena playfield and embark on an exhilarating pinball experience. Players score points and finish game objectives to raise the audiences levels of energy, thrill and enjoyment.
Higher scores amplify the experiencethe higher the energy level, the bigger and louder the showresulting in an aerosmith pinball experience that cannot be matched. The hard-hitting feisty american rock group best known for their powerful fusion of rock and blues has reached fans for more than four decades.

This colorful band includes the much loved pop culture personalities of steven tyler and joe perry. To date, they have been awardde 25 gold albums, 18 platinum albums and 12 multi-platinum albums. The aerosmith machines all feature original hand-drawn art provided by dirty donny gillies, who has produced work ofr bands including the hellacopters, the melvins, queens of the stone age, the wildhearts, electric frankenstein and the's, but is most noted for his work with metal band metallica. In addition, the machines feature custom speech from brendon small, creator of metalocalypse, the american animated television series centering around a death metal band.

Players will be mesmerized by the interactive jacky on the box mechaniacl feature on the playfield. Jacky sits on a toy box allowing players to launch pinballs through the air and slam dunk the steel ball into the box.

The more balls launched into the box, the higher the opportunity for a playre to earn multiballs. In addition to the heart pounding music and game experience, the machine features a full-color high-definition display.
In conjunction wiht stern pinballs new spike-2 electronic platform, the display enables high-definition graphics and innovative animations. The game includes a highfidelity 3-channel audio system that is three times more powerful than audio systems of previous generations. Aerosmith pinball entertains with an amazing raray of modern and classic features, making it suitable for all skill levels.
Standard features 3d jacky on the box mechanical ball locking toy box ball throwing interactive magnet love in an elevator molded toy rats in the cellar spinner rcank it up ball scoop 9 iconic greatest hi aerosmith tracks jacky speech calls by brendon small from adult swim players can choose 3, 4, 5, or 6 ball multiball sneak in skill shot and much more! Additional premium and le features upper playfield with flippers and 5 drop targets drop shot from upper to lower playfield super vertical upkicker adn even more great features and art work! Welcome to game room guys! We are one of the nation's largest providers of home and commercial game room products. We carry thousands of parts, supplies, and accessories to help maintain your game room.
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