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Stern Game Of Thrones Pro Pinball Machine

Stern Game Of Thrones Pro Pinball Machine

The game of thrones pinball is based on the award winning, record breaking hit hbo television show that continues to be a worldwide phenomenon after nearly half a decade. The television series and the pinball machine chronicle the power struggles among noble families fighting for control of the iron throne of the seven kingdoms in fictional westeros and essos.
Truly a unique series, game of thrones is a worldwide hit with an exceptionally broad and active international fan base. The quality and popularity of the show is evidenced by the accolades it has received, including 10 emmys adn many more nominations, 10 golden globes, 3 visual effects society awards, a peabody, a hugo, and a screen actors guild award. Because of this, game of thrones rich action makes it the perfect theme for acclaimed pinball designer steve ritchie to do his design magic. And he has, with rules, art and action that embodies the television show.
Steve has created wonderful gameplay wtih great ramps and a variety of mechanical action parts. Game of thrones contains an interactive dragon toy with kickback, a sword mlutiball device, a battering ram sliding bash target, a 3-bank drop target, and numerous full spectrum rgb leds.
Game of thrones actor roy mccann the houdn speech and the shows theme song provide added authenticity. The pinball will be produced in 3 versions pro, premium, and le models. The le and premium models feature a wealth of extras including an upper playfield and additional mechanical features.
Clear playfield inserts and 63 full spectrum rgb leds accent the upgraded models. Welcome to game room guys!
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