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Stern Game Of Thrones Pro Pinball Machine Free Shipping New In Box Got  Pinball Machines  Stern Game Of Thrones Pro Pinball Machine Free Shipping New In Box Got

Stern Game Of Thrones Pro Pinball Machine Free Shipping New In Box Got

Stern Game Of Thrones Pro Pinball Machine Free Shipping New In Box Got

Pro, premium, and limited edition machines are packed with features and toys that provide an irresistible challenge to play against kings, knights, knaves and dragons. Each player can choose to be a knight of the stark, lannister, greyjoy, baratheon, martell, or tyrell family houses, and pick other houses to battle.
Actor rory mccann as sandor clegane (the hound) guides the player throughout the game with authenticity and strong presence. The goal of the game is to rule the seven kingdoms of westeros. Pinball machine will be available in three models offering a variety fo pricing and exclusivity for. All three models feature an animated, interactive dragon that roars, flies, and breathes fire through the magic of all-led lit playfields. Players can slam the ball into the battering ram, attempting to break down the castle doors and grab features such as super jackpots, wild fire, and playfield score.

The animated mecahnical sword of multiball holds back reinforcements until its. A bank of three drop-targets lgihts the lord of light lanes to protect against side drains and awards other progressive features. A kickback fires the ball in anger when struck. Players can win valuable random awards and features with reel popstm, a fun new software. Mechanism, by playing the ppo bumpers and spinning three virtual spinning reels on the display.

When three identical ysmbols line up, the player is awarded the prize shown on the reels. Earn gold and spend it on needed weapons and features.
An action button is featured on the front mloding for the largest array of interactive play features ever seen in a pinball machine. Enter a whole new realm with. Premium and limited ediiton pinball models. Vastly different from the pro model, both premium and limited editions feature a massive and challenging castle upper playfield with a second set of full size flippers, shots and an animated dragon. Both modesl feature dazzling, full-playfield, color.
Changing leds throughout the game. An elevator serving two floors brings the ball up to the castle where the players battle. The second elevator floor delivers the ball to the iron throne, where victroies great and small can be celebrated. Amazing ligth shows and effects are a visual. The limited edition model delivers all the play features of the premium model, while also featuring a certificate of authenticity, a numbered plaque, a designer-autographed playfield, a beautiful, hand-drawn cabinet and backglass artwork yb bob stevlik. Exclusive, glossy, black- powder-coated, laser-cut sied armor features dragon elements of the targaryen sigil and is. Isncribed with the targaryen house motto, fire & blood, all highlighted with a rich, red. Boxed dimensions h56 w31 d31 weight 285lbs. Unboxed dimensions h 75 1/2, w 27, d 55 weight 250lb. Orders received before 100 p. Orders received after 100 p. If there is damage, it is your responsibility to have the carrier mark it when signing.

Please message us at least 1 hour ahead so your order can be puleld and ready. 371 gees mill business parkway ne.

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