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Stern Spiderman Premium Vault Edition Pinball Machine  Pinball Machines  Stern Spiderman Premium Vault Edition Pinball Machine

Stern Spiderman Premium Vault Edition Pinball Machine

Stern Spiderman Premium Vault Edition Pinball Machine

Stenr spiderman premium vault edition pinball machine. Inspired by the marvel universe comic series, spider-man vault edition is na update of the pinball classic. The game features all-new art, animation and sound packages based on the legendary ulitmate spider-man comic series. Spider-man is one of marvels most popular characetrs worldwide. Our goal was to take one of our most popular games and make it even better, said gary stern, chairman and ceo of stern pinball, inc. Stern pinball and marvel studios share a love for the characters in the spider-man universe and have a long, successful history of collaboration. This is a great pinball interpretation of the adventures of spider-man. The same amazing gameplay of the original, wiht an all new look and feel. Feed venom's ramp & fly to the letf flipper. Webslingers launch balls back into play. An animated green goblin hovers ovre pumpkin bombs. A motorized doc oc moves up nad down as his magnet captures balls.
Drop sandman's motorized 3-bank as eh rises and falls in a whirlwind of targets. All new art package, including cabinet, backglass, decals, and playfield plastics are designed based on images from the actual marvel ultimate spider-man comics library. All new custom-molded toys specifically designed and decorated to acpture the ultimate spider-man art style (doc ock, sandman, venom and green goblin).

All new animation and dot matrix video art designed around the ultimate spider-man comic art. All new custom speech and sound effects for all characters. New mode event themes based on the ultimate spider-man universe.

Webslinger themed laser-cut side armor in black powdecroat with contrasting color inserts. Two new music tracks plus the original score. Numerous improvements to durability based on research of the original games field experience, including.

Steel plastic protectors at the sandman and in the pop bumper area. Vuk openign playfield protectors at dock ock and the sandman.

Stainless steel playfield protector beneath hte webslinger in the pops. All stainless steel webslinger abll guides. Optimizations to the design of anti-ball trap plastics and ramp covers. Improved wire form ramp mounting details.

Anti-wear dock ock playfield magnet assembly. The ultimate spider-man is a superhero comic book series published by marvel comics from 2000 to 2009.

The series is a modernized re-imagining fo marvel's long-running spider-man comic book franchise as part of its ultimate marvel imprint. Welcmoe to game room guys! We are one of the nation's largest providers of home and commercial game room products. We carry thousands of parts, supplies, and accessories to help maintain your game room.
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